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Western movies. Whether they flicker in Black & White or vibrant Technicolor, there is nothing quite like a “good cowboy movie”. And so, the movies in our Westerns category are classic and vintage and some are a little bit new… some are a little scratchy and fuzzy… but no matter how old or new, if you fancy “tales of the Old West” you are bound to find a few flicks that merit “thumbs up” status.

Several of our most iconic movie stars are synonymous with Western movies. John “The Duke” Wayne, Gary Cooper, James Stewart and Kevin Costner… are all movie dudes who can be seen here 24/7 on what has so far been a never-ending basis. Makes no difference if your love of the cowboy way started with the small tube at home or a theater-sized cinerama screen. Saddle up and enjoy the MusicTV1 Cowboys! free and online. Don’t forget to put on your headphones… it’s the all-fired, bettermost way to experience the prairie sounds.

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