MusicTV1’s The Buzz offers an array of features which are aimed at making online meets, chats and friendships simple, comfortable and fast. Please feel free to browse and check out The Buzz as much as you want. To post or reply to public and private messages, simply register a free username.

The Buzz

Once you sign up for The Buzz you can meet and flirt… if flirting is your thing… with open-minded, fun-loving and talkative people in just a few clicks.

To be clear, the standard of The Buzz is strictly online activity. The Buzz appeals to people who… for whatever reason and their reasons are their own… wish to confine their interactions primarily to cyberworld. Friendships, buddy talk, cyber dating, photo swaps, flirty chat and other types of personal exchanges work most comfortably for them if the premise of “online only” is a known part of the equation from the start. Please respect their desire for privacy and controlled anonymity in the same way that you likely wish your confidentiality to be honored.

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