Join the MusicTV1 partners and affiliates program to make money.

MusicTV1 is actively seeking fun-loving affiliate partners who are pursuing the opportunity to make money online, and who recognize that casual partnerships where a common cause is shared are essential to success.

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— How do I register as a partner?
Registration is very simple and is handled through the Partners Forum. Register there and create a profile to whatever extent you want… use an avatar, signature, your website’s address, etc., it is up to you. We will confirm your registration manually with an email that will include your referral link. To ensure you receive proper credit, consider your referral link as the “official” URL for So, whenever you type, copy-paste or post the web address for MusicTV1, it is never only “”, it is “” always.

— Where can I create ads and posts for my other business opportunities?
You can promote your other biz ops as well as your activities on MusicTV1 at The Buzz under different categories there… you can also talk up all that you are doing in live text chat that can be found at Chat’s Place.

— How do I make money as a partner?
The MusicTV1 Partner Program is uniquely structured as a Revenue Sharing program. Partners share in two sources of revenue. The first source of revenue streams from monthly subscription fees. The second source of revenue is earned through sales commissions paid by advertisers.

It should be understood that it is 100% free for MusicTV1 site users to visit the site for its entertainment value and chat, watch videos, listen to music, play games and otherwise browse the site without spending any money at all. Site users can become partners and are encouraged to learn about and consider the opportunity when visiting the site. However, if the partner program is of no interest to them, they are more than welcome to stay free users of the site. Hopefully, they will come to consider the site as a shopping destination as well as a place for free entertainment.

Participation in the partner program requires payment of a $2.95 per month subscription. Partners share in these monthly fees by receiving 66% of all monthly subscription fees earned by their referrals for the life of their subscription. For a partner to be profitable in the program, only two referrals need to be made.

The 66% life time revenue share amounts to $1.95 per month for every referred partner. Two partners referred means $3.90 per month to the referring partner which covers his or her monthly subscription and puts them in profit by $0.95. Ten referrals equals $19.50 per month income and the monthly income stream is extended with each additional referral… 20 refs equal $39.00, 25 refs equal $48.75 and the numbers get bigger as referrals grow.

— What kind of work is involved?
The primary goal or mission of the Partner in getting referrals is to send or drive people to the MusicTV1 website. On the internet, this is mostly a passive process. There really is nothing to sell and no “hard” selling involved. You do not need to have conversations with people. The easiest, and probably most effective approach to getting referrals is through simple link building. Basic skills in link building are elementary copywriting and simple “copy and paste” efforts.

As a contributing partner, you should enjoy being social and interactive online. You should probably enjoy online text chat. You do not need to own a website, or even have a high degree of technical knowledge or skills.

Social media is a very effective tool, perhaps the best. It would be helpful if you had a Twitter account, a Facebook page, or liked to dabble in other social media like Instagram, SnapChat, Pinterest, Tumblr and so on. If you can tweet, you can get referrals. Additionally, free classified ad sites, forums and “add your comment” areas of popular websites are of value as well… essentially, any posting opportunity that enables you to “spread the word” is a potential money-making opportunity.

— How do I know I’m getting referrals?
A referral is a guest who visits MusicTV1 using a specific link you provide them with… it’s a clickable link we will provide to you when you receive MusicTV1’s welcome email. There are many ways to get referrals online such as by posting on forums and free classified ad sites, commenting on blogs… or through social marketing (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc).

You can also just email people you know and invite them to chat, listen to music, watch videos… the social, entertainment experience offered by MusicTV1 does not require a “hard sell” approach. As your guests, it is important to realize you are simply inviting people to a place where they can enjoy themselves free. There is no membership or join fee (unless they decide to become a partner). In fact, they only need to “register” so that they can have an identity, create an optional profile and make friends.

Ready to learn more or get started? Here are other Frequently Asked Questions… they offer a breakdown of everything you need to know about MusicTV1 to get the most out of it.

— What is the best way to start and use my time in doing this?
First, get acquainted with the website. It’s actually very simple and easy to navigate. The theme to the site is being social and enjoying free entertainment. The music that visitors hear throughout the site is a genre known as Electronic Dance Music or “EDM”, and within this genre… the specific EDM niche is known as Progressive Trance. On both a national and international basis, it is extremely popular and highly followed.

It is presented in nightclubs and concerts around the world by “high tech” DJs who are very often also the creators and performance artists of the music. Check out our Live DJ page here.

By the way, the continuous-play, 24/7 music videos presentation offered here is unique and exclusive to MusicTV1. You will not find it on any other website. The technical programming has been developed and built by MusicTV1.

— As a partner what should I do on the site?
As a partner, understand you should work both on the site… and off the site… or on other sites referring people to MusicTV1. However, when you are signed into the site you should be focusing your time on “Chat’s Place” and “The Buzz“. Chat’s Place is home to our chat room; and like all chat rooms you can interact instantly with other people in the room. The messages posted there are temporary (lasting 1 to 3 days) and spontaneous.

The Buzz is more of a bulletin board or forum type page. The messages posted there are permanent more or less. Creating posts at The Buzz is very effective because it establishes beneficial internal links which boost SEO (search engine optimization). It also creates content that also boosts SEO and MusicTV1’s ranking on major search engines.

Web pages, websites or messages you would like to frequently refer people to that can often contain links, videos or photos, and that are a regular part of your activity on MusicTV1, are well-suited for posts on The Buzz.

When MusicTV1 was being beta tested, results revealed the site was viewed differently by different people. Some people regarded the site as a video site. Other people felt the site was largely a shopping site. And, many people seem to view MusicTV1 as a free dating site.

— What should I post about?
There is a lot you can post about… you can be very conversational in your posts and post about anything and everything that you find interesting. But, in terms of posts that help make money online at MusicTV1, you can post about its advertisers and what they sell. For example, let’s say you’ve heard or read great things about an advertiser’s feature product… it could be anything they sell. Create a short and sweet post about it… POST: “Are you looking at getting into the sport of drone racing? Look no further than “TomTop” and “HobbyWOW” right here on MusicTV1. They both sell and ship top quality drones at discount prices. Both shops also have big selections of affordable drones so you will have a wide choice. Just go to our Advertisers page for their direct links.” There are thousands of quality products sold by MusicTV1 advertisers, so just browse and choose. And remember, when they buy through MusicTV1… that’s money in your pocket.

— How else do I make money here?
First, understand your main mission is simply getting people to visit the site. What they do after they get here is something you have some control over, but it is also a matter of luck as well. Like much of what happens on the Net, making money is a game of numbers. The more people who come on the site… the better… and the more money everyone makes.

You want the people you refer here to either become partners (many will not) or find something they like and buy it. As simply as it gets, you want your referrals to spend money here. So, for the purpose of making money, think of MusicTV1 as a shopping site. You might also think of it as a super large online mall. MusicTV1 has a growing list of more than 70 sponsors ranging from giant retailers like Walmart and eBay to niche retailers like Netflix to Amora Coffee to the Deck of Scarlett Cosmetics Club. A shopper can find and buy virtually anything under the sun here.

Additionally, your referrals can both save money with a partner like, TopCashback, and make money with partners like InstaGC and Inbox Dollars. You are doing your referrals big favors by sending them to MusicTV1. Think of it… they can enjoy free entertainment whenever they want, meet new friends, hook-up with old ones… and both save money and make money all in the same FREE place. You are a very nice person!

— How do I get paid?
You get paid weekly through PayPal or check. If neither of those work for you, let us know and we will try to accommodate a special arrangement for you. You are paid based on commission and bonus on MusicTV1’s total net earnings. This policy enables everyone to make money.

What separates the money making prospects at MusicTV1 from so many other work-online opportunities is the monthly residual earnings component. In addition to monthly earnings on your partner referrals, several sponsors offer lifetime revenue sharing to partners. This is especially true of soft adult 18+ sponsors. This means that referrals are customers for life and commissions are earned weekly or monthly for as long as referrals remain as buying customers. This is huge as steady, regular incomes can be built and maintained.

As the Net has evolved, it has become clear to most online workers that it takes an enormous amount of traffic to consistently facilitate buy and sell transactions. It is very difficult for one, average person working strictly on their own to generate a worthwhile income if their goal is to make money online from home. The MusicTV1 system of rewards based on total productivity on a large scale enhances everyone’s income possibilities.

— How can I make the most money possible?
Keep it casual and fun. Do what you enjoy and the money will come. Everyone has a certain amount of creativity in their soul. Think what you can do that is enjoyable and satisfying and that makes it easy for you to tell and spread the word about MusicTV1. Chat and post messages about what you like and enjoy on MusicTV1 right on the site. Chat and post messages about what you like and enjoy elsewhere on the Net on other sites. Chat and post messages about other programs and products you promote. Establish a presence, identity and personality that will make other people notice and pay attention to you… and maybe even like you a lot.

It is by no means a popularity contest, but being successful online has a lot to do with making connections of all types. Remember, you can do whatever you want on MusicTV1 as long as it is NOT illegal. Do not be afraid to experiment and try out ideas. There are no restrictions on what you do here as long as respect and consideraton for other people are an ingredient to whatever it is you make or build here.

— Where do I sign-up?
First, click the “subscribe” button below. Make what will probably be your first and last, one-and-only payment out-of-pocket subscription payment of $2.95. From this point forward, your referrals will actually cover the cost for you. You can then Register as a Partner at the MusicTV1 Partners Forum. Click here to go there. Sign-up through the “Register” menu tab. You will need a username and valid email address. You can then create a profile to whatever extent you want. You will receive a welcome email from MusicTV1 usually within a few hours. This email will contain your referral link which will track your referral activities everywhere online. It is vitally important that you use your referral link on all MusicTV1 work to ensure proper credit for your referrals.