How To Brand Yourself in Chat and Win

How to win friends and influence people by being liked in free chat.
Developing an identity or a “brand” that is recognizable and memorable in the MusicTV1 chat room, or in any chat room for that matter, is an important detail and task if you are going to be successful as a chat personality. If other people are going to follow you as a personality (for whatever reason you want to be popular and followed) they need to get to know you and like you first.

Being anonymous, elusive, unknown, sketchy or even shady is not going to win you any friends or enable you to influence people in a chat room or social networking site. You… your personality, your chat persona… are the product, and if people are going to “buy” your product… you desperately need to be known and liked.

MusicTV1’s social offerings make it easy for you to become known and liked. You only need to be a little consistent and smart in how you present yourself in Chat and throughout the site. First, you need to stick with one identity that you will use whenever and as often as you interact with other people… in chat or through other online messaging. Don’t confuse people by presenting more than one username or nickname or profile name. Be the same person with one unique name (identity) throughout the site.

Brand your chat personality, your avatar (photo), all of your other social media (Twitter, MeWe, Instagram, etc.) with the exact same name. When you post messages or even start your own threads under the “The Buzz” and “HotLinks” boards use the same name, avatar, signature and so on to build your own brand.

It’s a fatal mistake to develop and cultivate multiple personalities or brands around the Net… to be one person in MusicTV1’s chat room… another person posting messages on “The Buzz”… another person or brand tweeting on Twitter… and still another personality crafting a brand or identity on MeWe (the superior alternative to Facebook).

If you plan to use your presence on MusicTV1 for your business, to sell products, to be a stand-out dating prospect, or for any combination of goals and quests… it’s vitally important to empower your brand-building efforts to enhance your success and help you get what you want as easily and quickly as possible.

Developing and building a memorable and likeable identity throughout MusicTV1’s chat rooms and messaging opportunities will definitely push you in the right direction.
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