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Social TV on MusicTV1 (tu)

Posted by MusicTV1 
Social TV on MusicTV1 (tu)
June 08, 2019 08:01PM
Free Social TV on MusicTV1.

The popularity of social media hasn’t just affected people's internet activities. It has changed how people view what used to be the one-way only medium of television. “Social Television” or "Social TV" is trickling into many people's viewing habits as the newest television-eyeballing experience grows more interactive thanks to new technologies that couple TV with internet-connected devices.

Sharing opinions, ideas and impressions of TV viewing experiences with others and comparing respective experiences is the simple gist of Social TV. At MusicTV1.com, social TV is a thoroughly free and easy activity that can be shared by many viewers at the same time or even after the fact.

MusicTV1.com offers seven (7) free TV channels that can be viewed based on topic category. There's The Adventure Channel which is dedicated to adventurers and thrill seekers of many kinds; The Speed Channel which is devoted to mechanized traveling at high speeds on land, sea and air; there's The Coaster Channel which brings POV thrill rides to viewers' screens; The Bikini Glamour Channel which showcases beautiful glamour models in sunny, tropical beach moments; The Space Channel features amazing photography often produced by NASA; The Flight Channel features incredible aerial flying maneuvers and cockpit views; lastly there's The Big Blue Channel which showcases so much of the natural beauty of our wonderful planet Earth.

MusicTV1 viewers can enjoy 100% free chat while they view their favorite channels and videos in real time. Or, they can publish posts regarding their TV watching opinions and impressions in the MusicTV1 messaging feature called "The Buzz". Either way, MusicTV1 TV viewers can freely interact with other viewers and enjoy hours and hours of videos 100% free without fees or subscriptions of any kind.

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