Free streaming TV and movies FAQ.
Q. How do I fix either video or music playing problems?
A. Nearly all problems you might encounter regarding either video or music playing can be fixed by simply refreshing the page.

Q. How do I become a member of MusicTV1?
A. MusicTV1 does not actually have a membership feature. You can register a username and password for our text chat room, live video chat and The Buzz separately… it’s best if you use the same username in all three areas. Registering provides you with extra features not available to “guest” posters… for instance, you can upload an avatar to provide a visual identity that compliments your presence in chat and interacting with other MusicTV1 fans and visitors.

Q. Can I change the video and/or music line-up to play my favorites?
A. MusicTV1 provides visitors and users with volume level control and the ability to switch videos. MusicTV1 is carefully programmed to address critical timing issues in support of its non-stop and random play of both videos and EDM tracks. To sustain the smoothest operation possible, providing viewers control beyond these areas jeopardizes this goal. To skip a video you do not want to watch, simply refresh the page. This will change videos, but will not interrupt the music track.

Q. Can I make suggestions regarding the music heard here?
A. We welcome suggestions and information that assists in our goal to continuously provide the best free entertainment experience possible. You should be aware that the primary issue in our meeting this challenge is acquiring the uncomplicated availability of both videos and music tracks.

Q. Where are there people to chat with?
A. They are out there. Parts of MusicTV1 are very new. It only became fully functional on March 15, 2019. As people learn about it, there will be more and more people enjoying its chat and interactivity features. At this early stage, part of getting the most out of MusicTV1 will be in approaching the site creatively. Why not post a simple blurb on The Buzz about your interest in live chat… either text or video chat. Post and chat about whatever you want, but a good place to start might be to mention when you are there and what you like to chat about.

Q. Is it possible to start a group or club here?
A. You can do just about anything you want here as long as it’s legal. Start a group, club, business or fan club. The easy way to get your plans going is probably to start a thread on The Buzz. If whatever you’re trying to do shows signs of being popular, you can get your own forum or page that will be set-up for you. Beyond this, let us know what you have in mind.

Q. Can I sell my own “stuff” here?
A.Yes, as stated before, you can do or sell anything that is legal. To actually transact sales, you will need your own merchant account or at a minimum a PayPal account to process your payments. MusicTV1 can not provide payment processing.

Q. Can I learn more about how MusicTV1 works?
A. More information about MusicTV1 can be found on this page: About MusicTV1

Q. Is MusicTV1 primarily intended for a male audience?
A. No. Not at all… it is intended to be FUN for fun-loving PEOPLE. Reading between the lines… beautiful, glamorous, scantily-clad and costumed women are generally regarded as the best features of free-spirited, sophisticated, highly-rhythmic, music videos. Even women agree… the female form is visually pleasing. There’s not much better than a pretty woman moving and swaying to exciting and stimulating music… it’s a huge component in the beauty of dance.

Q. What is the best way to contact MusicTV1?
A. Email: musictv1.com@gmail.com – you may also post messages in the chat lounge.

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