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The web site is a free online chat room… among other cool and foxy things. You can meet new people and make new friends from all over the world. No download, no setup and no required registration needed.

The chore of registration for some people surfing the Net in search of a good time is considered annoying and bothersome and basically something they want to avoid and won’t do. But, creating a free profile and developing an interesting identity is something that will greatly improve the chat experience and help them in their pursuit of a good time more fully.

People who enter a chat room to socialize and have a good time want to mingle with people they have a fair chance of actually liking as they get to know them.

The “express” way to break into a chat room as an anonymous guest or just a brash, vague username won’t help any one be “likeable”. If you want to get a little, you have to give a little. Don’t kill off your chances of grabbing the attention of a desirable chat buddy because you’re too lazy to be known by anything more than “guest15345”.

Invest a little time and effort in presenting yourself as someone who will be fun to know. For a really good time, create a memorable chat profile that makes an appealing impression.

When you are in the chat room, don’t hesitate to refer people to your profile on The Buzz… and vice versa. You can be as elaborate as you want to be with your “Buzz” profile. You will also set-up your ability to send and receive private messages to other people who also have a Buzz profile.

MusicTV1 is looking for people who want to be chat stars… creating a MusicTV1 profile is the first step. Due to the fact that is a relatively new site and one that is growing… now is the time to start your ascent to stardom. Then use your popularity to your advantage any way you want.
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