About TV1

MusicTV1 is an exclusive, original production of zWeb Media. You will not find it anywhere else… on or off line. It was designed to create a unique, cool, glamorous and often sexy ambience for EDM fans and provide an entertaining, one-of-a-kind background experience when visiting and surfing it.

Currently, it provides almost 8 hours of continuous, non-stop music and entertainment where repetition of either video or audio elements are rare. MusicTV1 is comprised of more than 300 different music tracks and almost 200 videos. While it is possible that frequent visitors to the site may hear a music track or see a video experienced on a previous visit, the odds of either music or video being combined together close to the same way are fairly astronomical.

The marriage of video editing to music timing and beat is critical and quite complex. This formulated timing is what makes the concept possible and keeps it working flawlessly most of the time. Although there are times when a timing hiccup throws everything out of sync, it is usually automatically restored as cuts progress and move forward. Usually, smooth operation can be quickly restored by simply refreshing the page.

Both additional music and video elements are added frequently and regularly so that MusicTV1 will grow and continue to offer almost limitless diversity. Please feel free to comment or make suggestions about MusicTV1 at The Buzz.

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